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Street Corner ‘Computer Education’: Relegating potentially good plumbers into positively bad programmers.

Genius: Somebody who works harder than you!

Standing upright in all adversities? Wouldn’t one drown in the river, for instance?

Television: The hermit’s window to the world.

Truth: awesome, painful element of our reason. Naturally, most of us cannot stand it.

Corruption appears the only religion practiced by the believer and the atheists alike!

Seeing more and more crooks succeed one develops distaste for success, and begins to redefine it.

Unifiers like Lincoln, Gandhi, Mandela unite people and leave a more harmonious world behind than the one they inherited. Polarizers, like Hitler, are apt to leave fractured humanity as their devisive legacy.

Democracy: Rule by a minority clique by manipulating the majority vote.

Religion helps facilitate our insensitivity towards human suffering and live selfishly without guilt by blaming it on God.

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