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Those in command of themselves seldom need approval of others. And those that constantly seek it are seldom confident and secure.

When feeling miserable at being wronged, switch on your TV and see the crass injustice and brutality all around. Nature doesn’t give a damn for your feelings, nor did it conspire to hurt you!

Fundamentalist: The only true believer in his creed – after the fanatic.

Those that cannot enjoy do not live.

As you reflect on everyday’s unfairnesses, you wonder if God exists, and if he does, is he just and compassionate.

All civilization is basically enslavement. Empowering slavery.

Those that do not marvel at watching a leaf, a bird, a child, or the PC probably are not intelligent enough.

No one is above taking bribe. And most certainly no one above giving it. Only the labels, the form and the manner change.

Unifiers like Lincoln, Gandhi, Mandela unite people and leave a more harmonious world behind than the one they inherited. Polarizers, like Hitler, are apt to leave fractured humanity as their devisive legacy.

Politics: The fine art of appearing to do, while doing nothing.

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