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Wondered how many of us care for the child of our own Specie, next door? Everytime we buy a toy for our child, we will buy another, half as costly, for a poor child nearby?

One who has nothing to hide, usually has nothing to reveal.

An unjust system judges people merely by the work they did; a just system should also consider what they could and didn’t.

Materialism is the single largest source of evil in our society. Cliché? Then cite a bigger one.

Truth is a statement that is not made up of any lies. Sadly most religious sermons are composed of finely said lies or half truths.

Truthfulness is the highest morality.

Those who celebrate success vulgarly lack sense of history.

Human capacity to be unreasonable, irrational is incredible. And it beautifully co-exists with some reason.

Those who criticize you acknowledge that you are too important for them to ignore you. Empathize, rather than hate them!

Some may despise you because you fail them; others because they envy you.

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