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More people fail than they succeed. Yet few are trained to cope with failure in good grace, thus compounding the misery.

We, all, have opinions on everything. But we don’t have answers to basic questions.

Materialism is the single largest source of evil in our society. Cliché? Then cite a bigger one.

It doesn’t take rocket science to find why sumo wrestlers are fat and racing drivers and riders slim. But it takes high science for the reverse to happen and yet to win.

Corruption appears the only religion practiced by the believer and the atheists alike!

When a completely disabled Stephen Hawking questions the concept of god one cannot fail to admire his belief in atheism!

Democracy: Rule by a minority clique by manipulating the majority vote.

Pack sacrifice, courage, detachment, commitment to truth, altruism, contentment, stubbornness in one person and celebrate Gandhi Jayanti.

Human kind follows conviction of reason (atheists), of faith (fanatics), of convenience.

Shame: The burden of the sensitive.

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