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If you are reading this you can’t possibly complain: mobile phone, internet, English, time to read, friends…Count blessings!

Democracy: Rule by a minority clique by manipulating the majority vote.

Crying. What a shame some don’t cry! Crying is most associated with cowardice. It is purity that brings tears.

When feeling miserable at being wronged, switch on your TV and see the crass injustice and brutality all around. Nature doesn’t give a damn for your feelings, nor did it conspire to hurt you!

No other desire is ruining human race as much as sex. Mankind must find ways to either overcome it or satisfy it to be able to utilize its creative potential constructively.

Some may despise you because you fail them; others because they envy you.

The corrupt are stupid: they simply raise the circulation of currency and increase the transaction cost.

Truthfulness is the highest morality.

Science is steadily heading towards creating machine-men, having already put the man in machine and the machine in man.

Confuse not success with peace & happiness. The most successful often hide their acute, deep pains successfully!

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