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When a completely disabled Stephen Hawking questions the concept of god one cannot fail to admire his belief in atheism!

RECOGNITION: A function of outstanding Performance accompanied by excellent Marketing.

Destiny: an excuse for inaction.

Truth is a statement that is not made up of any lies. Sadly most religious sermons are composed of finely said lies or half truths.

No one is above taking bribe. And most certainly no one above giving it. Only the labels, the form and the manner change.

The Secret of Gurus: Fool people such that they feel honourable.

A society where successes – in politics, business, religion – come with fundamental compromises is a decayed society. Its “successfuls” are the scum of the earth.

. Pursue perfection, not for success, but for satisfaction.

Crying. What a shame some don’t cry! Crying is most associated with cowardice. It is purity that brings tears.

Confuse not success with peace & happiness. The most successful often hide their acute, deep pains successfully!

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