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Advertising: The art of transferring money from the consumer’s pocket into those of the producer and the advertiser.

Genius: Somebody who works harder than you!

If you are reading this you can’t possibly complain: mobile phone, internet, English, time to read, friends…Count blessings!

Lucky: Someone who got the opportunity – and encashed it!

It is seldom about right and wrong. It is always about suitable or unsuitable.

Man with character contemplates more, speaks less.

Science is steadily heading towards creating machine-men, having already put the man in machine and the machine in man.

Corruption appears the only religion practiced by the believer and the atheists alike!

No one is above taking bribe. And most certainly no one above giving it. Only the labels, the form and the manner change.

Why do people crave for politics, cinema and sports? Because the rewards can be mind bogglingly high.

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