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Corruption appears the only religion practiced by the believer and the atheists alike!

Man with character contemplates more, speaks less.

Wise people don’t spread unhappiness. Wiser still proactively work to spread happiness in this world.

RECOGNITION: A function of outstanding Performance accompanied by excellent Marketing.

Can science explain the soul, the death? That is why we need religion.” Thus proceeds much of religious preaching, deceitfully camouflaging that it doesn’t explain them either. Your non-answer is my answer!

Violence did, does and likely will have a role. But all forms of mindless, target-less, disproportionate violence is against civility and is counter productive.

Fundamentalist: The only true believer in his creed – after the fanatic.

The Secret of Gurus: Fool people such that they feel honourable.

It has now become boring to blame terrorism for all the ills of bad governance globally. Time to identify the real culprits and tackle them in earnest.

Science is steadily heading towards creating machine-men, having already put the man in machine and the machine in man.

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