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It doesn’t take rocket science to find why sumo wrestlers are fat and racing drivers and riders slim. But it takes high science for the reverse to happen and yet to win.

Those who criticize you acknowledge that you are too important for them to ignore you. Empathize, rather than hate them!

Those that do not marvel at watching a leaf, a bird, a child, or the PC probably are not intelligent enough.

Destiny: an excuse for inaction.

Those that cannot enjoy do not live.

When something is not working, like a vehicle not starting, probably more than new energy you need new knowledge. Seek it.

Come to examine closely, all goodness is plain common sense.

Forgive but do not forget, be generous but not cowardly, punish but do not take revenge, disagree but avoid hate.

Lucky: Someone who got the opportunity – and encashed it!

Fundamentalist: The only true believer in his creed – after the fanatic.

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