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It doesn’t take rocket science to find why sumo wrestlers are fat and racing drivers and riders slim. But it takes high science for the reverse to happen and yet to win.

Love devoid of sacrifice is liking.

Why do people crave for politics, cinema and sports? Because the rewards can be mind bogglingly high.

Scarcely a day passes when something doesn’t pinch me with this realization: What a goddamn idiot I must have been to make this mistake so far, or to not have known this, or that, until now. My, my, we don’t ever cease to learn.

Destiny: an excuse for inaction.

Confuse not success with peace & happiness. The most successful often hide their acute, deep pains successfully!

When something is not working, like a vehicle not starting, probably more than new energy you need new knowledge. Seek it.

Most people package their weakness as virtues; given due chance they would fall for the first sin.

Those in command of themselves seldom need approval of others. And those that constantly seek it are seldom confident and secure.

Madness and genius is merely a matter of degrees.

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