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Pack sacrifice, courage, detachment, commitment to truth, altruism, contentment, stubbornness in one person and celebrate Gandhi Jayanti.

Bribe – in one form or another – is a social necessity. The truly incorruptible and the non-corrupting shall live on the Himalayas.?

Materialism is the single largest source of evil in our society. Cliché? Then cite a bigger one.

You cannot serve until you begin to enjoy suffering.

Truthfulness is the highest morality.

Most people package their weakness as virtues; given due chance they would fall for the first sin.

I find the greatest hypocrisy in the matter of sex, followed by religion.

Crying. What a shame some don’t cry! Crying is most associated with cowardice. It is purity that brings tears.

We, all, have opinions on everything. But we don’t have answers to basic questions.

The Secret of Gurus: Fool people such that they feel honourable.

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