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Democracy: Rule by a minority clique by manipulating the majority vote.

The corrupt are stupid: they simply raise the circulation of currency and increase the transaction cost.

It doesn’t take rocket science to find why sumo wrestlers are fat and racing drivers and riders slim. But it takes high science for the reverse to happen and yet to win.

Can science explain the soul, the death? That is why we need religion.” Thus proceeds much of religious preaching, deceitfully camouflaging that it doesn’t explain them either. Your non-answer is my answer!

Unifiers like Lincoln, Gandhi, Mandela unite people and leave a more harmonious world behind than the one they inherited. Polarizers, like Hitler, are apt to leave fractured humanity as their devisive legacy.

Those of our ancestors who felt compelled to define deity in physical form, sun-worshippers must have been closest to science

An unjust system judges people merely by the work they did; a just system should also consider what they could and didn’t.

Truth is a statement that is not made up of any lies. Sadly most religious sermons are composed of finely said lies or half truths.

I find the greatest hypocrisy in the matter of sex, followed by religion.

Wake me not – For I have never slept.- Sleep how can I – Awoke I never was.

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