SPRAT’s intention with the Corporate Ambassador Program is to create a nation-wide network of ambassadors in corporate to gain human and charitable resources for mobilization of special causes and promote SPRAT’s initiatives and events at their companies and among their friends and family to serve as a platform for professionals to serve the society.

A Corporate Ambassador is a person who is hired by an organization to represent the interests of the organization in a positive light and by doing so help increase its awareness in the general public. The ambassador is meant to embody the organization identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics. The key element of a corporate ambassador is his/her ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the organization’s relations with the public and influence a large audience to participate in SPRAT’s ideas and initiatives.



To be eligible for the program, the company should fulfill any one of the following criteria:

· A single office / campus with over 250 employees

· A controlling office with a network of branches within the city, together employing over 500 employees

· A unit of a corporate that is a national or regional partner of SPRAT

To very small NGOs and social servants, we extend a Helping Hand, usually with managerial or technical support. Our Safar programme invites retired professionals to render voluntary service at our expense.
Fresh or used computers and peripherals, books, DVDs, vehicles, furniture, construction material ranging from steel to cement, electrical and plumbing material… Check the range.
Large donations received in the honour of a dear one - or to commemorate a special occasion - provide financial stability while their accretion / interest funds running expenses
Program grants by NGOs and Corporates, CSR Funding, donations by good Samaritans, payroll and Zakawt givers constitute the most common source of NGO funding. Meet some Donors.
SPRAT has been partnered / patronized by dedicated NGOs like MKSS, SEWA, Darpana Academy, AMWA… in the pursuit of shared causes. Meet some here.
SPRAT’s patrons includes individuals like Dr IG Patel, Mr L K Advani, organizations like AUDA, ONGC, BSNL, Ford Foundation; US Govt and software giants like Microsoft and Google. And how?
SPRAT can’t thank Microsoft, AutoDESK, Google… enough, as it can’t many small software vendors that gifted their valuable software in the social cause. Please say, Hello!
Contained here are listings of NGOs that matter. Your easy path to some very fine non-profits and resources for non-profits.


To be eligible for the program, the individual should possess the following factors:

1) Officer at the controlling office of an eligible corporate unit, in each city

2) Computing proficiency

3) Able to devote at least 90 minutes a day

4) Well-networked and Able to motivate and engage individuals

5) Bear a completely Secular, Rational and Liberal outlook

6) Be compassionate and Empathetic towards the underprivileged

7) Passionate about social service

8) Excellent communication skills

9) Ideally possessing [but not mandatory]

a) An independent chamber

b) Direct phone

c) Filing cabinet

d)Some secretarial assistance


The individuals who get enrolled in the program are provided the following benefits:

I. Opportunity to contribute to critical social service

II. Training in rationality

III. Possibly an offer of paid work or full time job

IV. Corporate Ambassador ID and certificate

V. Reimbursement of costs incurred on work by prior consent

VI. Recognition at the hands of eminent personalities from the society

VII. Participation in celebrations organized exclusively for SPRAT’s ambassadors


The corporate ambassador program entails the following responsibilities:

Ø Provide necessary inputs and guidance in corresponding organizational matters

Ø Spreading SPRAT’s vision and help fulfil SPRAT’s Mission

Ø Link between the Company and SPRAT

Ø Organize SPRAT’s

o Social service events

o Contests & campaigns

Ø Maintain Corporate Volunteer’s database

Ø Arrange for display & distribution of

o SPRAT’s promotional material

o Social message posters

Ø Update relevant pages on SPRAT’s website

Ø Network with local VIPs

Ø Organize Screenings of the following:

o Science videos

o Documentaries

o Movies

Ø Pre-placement talks for potential candidates

Ø Scout and enlist Ambassador’s by

o Letter or mail to CEOs/HR chiefs of potentially eligible corporates

o Letter or mail to potential ambassadors directly, deduced from directories and listings

o Advertising / promoting the scheme on popular / relevant websites, social media platforms, etc.

o Writing an attractive web page and promote it on various platforms.

e) Some secretarial assistance