Taleem, the motto of which is to achieve empowerment through basic knowledge, is an open platform, open to any illiterate person, man or woman, poor or rich, young or old, including non-school going children older than seven years. At the same time as being absolutely cost-free for students, under the Taleem program, teachers are paid quite a considerate fees for providing their services.

Students are taught Gujarati reading, writing, and elementary mathematics. The Gujarati Vidyapeeth University, founded by Mahatma Gandhi, extends to us all technical assistance required for conducting lectures and bequeath students with knowledge.

Typically, one Taleem batch ends its syllabus, which is prepared and provided in the form of small booklets by the Gujarat Vidyapith’s Adult Education Department, in 180 hours, 90 days, three months.

The Centre Staff even tries to mobilize sponsorship for a picnic for TALEEM students at the end of the batch. However, only students with more than 75% attendance and those who have appeared for the test are allowed to come to the picnic.

The selection of teachers for Taleem is a meticulous and organized procedure. Before their selection, it is ensured that the teacher is secular, compassionate and warm in her attitude. Apart from a specially designed eligibility criteria, the teachers are supposed to adhere to a well-designed code of conduct, and follow an exclusive reward and punishment scheme.

The course of study progresses when the students start identifying letters and words. They are then provided with old newspapers by CARAVAN Center from the center’s library and thus the habit of reading newspapers is inculcated among the students.

Taleem batches are organized as close to the students’ residences as possible – in their jhupard-patties, slums, underneath a tree, inside a madarsa or a math, in the panchayat hall or in the room provided by one of the students or by the teacher herself. The teacher is drawn from the neighbourhood and equipped with elementary training by us. In addition, she is given a black-board, helpful, illustrative charts and a daily course guide.

Apart from the wondrous imparting of education, Taleem batches undergo regular inspection. The Center submits attendance details of each Taleem batch run by the center to the HO everyday via phone calls as well as through daily report sheets. Surprise checks, at least four times a week, are conducted by the Senior Centre Staff / Field Officer.

Taleem also provides benefits of advance studies to its students. Any student who has attended any of the Taleem programs as per our syllabi, and passed the test with min 40% marks, holding our certificate, can appear directly for 3rd standard examinations. Similarly hard working students can continue their studies themselves and appear for 10th, 12th, graduation level exams and so forth.











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