This Website is designed to serve as:

  • A mouthpiece of, and a source for, promoting SPRAT as an entity
  • A repository of rational material relevant to our context
  • A forum for budding Indian rationalists to learn, inform, connect and contribute
  • A front for exposing irrationality, unfairness and oppression
  • A platform for promoting truth, fair play, justice, understanding, compassion and love.

The salient feature of the site include:

  • A 3-click navigation: an endeavour to let you reach from anywhere to anywhere else with minimal clicking
    Slides move from right to left automatically as well as on clicking on the arrows that may appear on the sides, or on the dots that may appear at the bottom
  • Text that leads to the proper story / article by clicking “Read More”
  • The top Menu stays with you frozen at the top on every page, ready for swift navigation
  • Holding the mouse cursor on any menu item that has an arrow opens up its sub-menus, throwing more items to navigate to
    The Footer leads you to jump to the chosen section / page
    Some sections such as Quotations, Merchandize etc may refresh on every new session or upon refreshing
  • “Contact Us” provides an avenue for reaching the appropriate department directly
  • Depending upon your registered status on the site, some additional menu items may appear or disappear

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Set up with voluntary contributions, despite careful moderation, some errors may have crept in the Site. We will appreciate your pointing out errors and omissions using Contact Us form.