Edutaining e-Magazines

These are Highly excerpted digital magazines, written in simple, crisp but exact language, delivered to your desktop / mobile every day for free.

Edutaining e-Magazines: Highly excerpted, very brief, credible and authentic news, information and inspiration capsules, written in simple and lucid English, for busy people like you, delivered straight onto your mobile / desktop, on a variety of selected themes. Completely for free!


These e-zines cover Indian and global news, besides a range of topics of everyday information on contemporary topics that the educated, intellectually curious people would seek.

Useful for busy Professionals, educated home makers and retired people, young students… almost anyone seeking to keep pace with our changing world. And to move smartly about it.


So, what is the big deal? There are hundreds of magazines and there is a lot of stuff up there on the net already?

Precisely. So many magazines… a lot of stuff. That is the problem.

We make things easy for you. A select few magazines. Very short write-up, not a word more than defined. Very simple, but exact, language.


A small donation appeal, advertisement, or social message appearing at the bottom is our consideration. Besides, remember, a lot of what we do goes out for free. After all we are a social service organization, and have a mission. Of promoting rationality. And knowledge is the backbone for all things rational!


Previously launched on a pilot basis, for a whole year. Shortly being resumed. Please register your interest mailing on the Email ID.


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TYPE – A e-Zines
A-1 World Today: Events or happenings of the Day occurred in different parts of the World with emphasis on the Indian sub-continent [with news URLs] 150-200 Words Daily Pick news headlines from leading international e-papers like BBC, CNN, Times, and foreign news from 2/3 principal Indian papers, and expand to make sense independently
A-2 India Today: Events or happenings of the Day relevant to India / Indians [with news URLs] 150-200 Words Daily Pick news headlines from leading e-papers of five principal regions and expand to make sense independently.
TYPE – B e-Zines
B-1 Personality of the Week: A person who has been in Indian news for positive & Constructive public Welfare activities 100-150 Words Weekly Pick the week’s most recurring 1/2 persons and explain their relevance and background
B-2 Jargon in the News: explaining a technical term [legal, economic, finance, IT, marketplace etc] that may be current in the news 100-150 Words Weekly Pick the week’s most recurring 1/2 technical / special terms/argot and explain their relevance and background
TYPE – C e-Zines
C-1 Tech-Tips For power use of Computers, Mobiles and Office machines – including Windows, MS Office, MS Outlook, Internet browsing and mailing, and Mobile usage 100-150 words Daily Tips for power usage and maintenance [not technical aspects], with emphasis on short-cuts, trouble-shooting etc. Focus most current versions.
C-2 How Things Work – briefly explaining the working behind everyday machines and processes 200-250 Words Daily Common machines, and everyday processes relating to middle class life
C-3 Today’s Quote – presenting inspirational, motivational and witty quotes that don’t militate against reason. 25-50 Words Daily Unusual, lateral thinking, witty, memorable. Also should empower daily life and thought.
C-4 This Day Yesterday – explaining a major historic event impacting human life, that occurred this day in the past 100-150 Words Daily Life before, and after, chief characters involved
C-5 Today’s Hero – introducing the scientist, explorer, inventor.. born this day and briefly, the significance of his / her work to humanity 100-150 Words Daily Avoid “holy men” etc. Include DoB and DoD, City, Country, Education, Awards, Contribution etc
C-6 Tip of the Day – offering creative rational tips for better everyday living 90-100 Words Daily Highly relevant to daily life of common middle class