SPRAT’s Mission broadly describes the directions it is most apt to take. In essence we choose to be guided by the following in that order of importance: 

  • Constitution, rule of law, law of the land 
  • Common sense, reason, scientific understanding  
  • Humanism,  
  • A sense of justice, compassion and a commitment to fair play 

The future of humanity depends upon how rationally the earthlings behave today. For a better world, indeed, for the very survival of the human specie, we shall strive to promote a culture of rationality, in every walk of personal life and institutional policy. 

“Modern society is modern because of its mental cocktail of reasoning and compassion. Turn the compassion network in the brain off, and it will be a society of heartless robots. On the other hand, turn the reasoning network off, and it will be a society of dumb sentimental apes.” 

― Abhijit Naskar 

Our planned programmes and projects appear elsewhere on this site. The immediate and important goals include:

  • The setting up of a House of Reason – the TARKIK SADAN 
  • With a full-fledged Communications Division 
  • A residential, digitally powered, PG Academy for Public Administration and Advocacy 
  • Becoming financially self-reliant, and generating internal revenues to fund our operating costs