Social entity lest they squander their social activism let days conserve the resources of their spotters, but sprat is being clear in the mind of its founders that it is a lack of rationality that is the bane of all impoverishment. Therefore, improving rationality in old need of personal and public life became its bedrock, the bedrock of all pursuits.

However, working so, improving rationality is easier said than done specially in a society where 90% college students don’t even know the precise meaning of the term desert. SPRAT decided to launch several ordinarily intelligible pursuits such as formal learning, education livelihood and regression to engage over the communities. 

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Thus, it was that it launched Taleem basic literacy campaign, CARAVAN multi-purpose empowerment centres for formal and nonformal education, AUDA muskan park for recreation through scientifically designed toys, Majlis workshops like the story of life. 

SPRAT’s vision defines its direction namely towards a society civilized by reasons and is empowered by compassion. Its approach and methodologies are indicated by its mission statement. 

Having set up pilot projects in the above episodes, SPRAT is now back to addressing the issue of rationality headlong. It gradually withdrew from ground up this physical service centres to be able to concentrate on rationality through various mediums.

In this pursuit SPRAT is now setting up digital power residential come work campus called the Tarkik Sadan or the house of reason. 
And to produce a batch of dedicated rational performers in the fields of public administration media and NGO it also seeks to setup up the unique career academy. 

To engage the rural population around Tarkik Sadan in the culture of nationality spread, it is setting up an amphitheater which would encourage innovation for rural empowerment. For the empowerment of ordinary people, it also seeks to promote an incubator, on the other hand to reach the best educated population sprat will produce impacting material through posters videos, website, social media networks, audio recordings and E-Zines. 

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