SPRAT’s intention with the Campus Ambassador Program is to create a nation-wide network of ambassadors in campuses and connect university / College campuses with active social service to gain human and charitable resources for mobilization of special causes and promote SPRAT’s initiatives and events at their campuses and among their friends and family to serve as a platform for professionals to serve the society.

A Campus Ambassador is a person who is a representative of SPRAT to promote the interests of the organization in a positive light in their vicinity and by doing so, help increase its awareness in the general public. The ambassador is meant to embody the organization’s identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics. The key element of a campus ambassador is his/her ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the organization’s relations with the public and influence a large audience to participate in SPRAT’s ideas and initiatives.



The campus ambassador program entails the following responsibilities:

Ø Spreading SPRAT’s vision and help fulfil SPRAT’s Mission

Ø Scout and enlist virtual and residential Interns

Ø Coordinate with the Interns and facilitate their productivity

Ø Link between the Campus and SPRAT

Ø Organize SPRAT’s

o Social Service Events

o Contests

o Campaigns

Ø Maintain Campus Volunteer’s database

Ø Arrange for display & distribution of

o SPRAT’s promotional material

o Social message posters

Ø Update relevant page on SPRAT’s website

Ø Network with local VIPs

Ø Organize Screenings of the following:

o Science videos

o Documentaries

o Movies


To be eligible for the program, the individual should possess the following factors:

1) Well-networked

2) Past leadership experience

3) Able to devote at least 90 minutes a day

4) Access to an Internet-powered PC

5) Computing proficiency

6) Possessing a smartphone

7) Should have been on the campus for over a year

8) Should not be leaving the campus in less than 20 months

9) Be compassionate and empathetic towards the underprivileged

10) Promoter of

a) Rationality

b) Scientific temper

c) Inter-faith harmony

11) Passionate about social service

12) Excellent communication skills

13) Able to motivate and engage individuals

14) Must be respectful and courteous in conduct

15) Bear a completely Secular, Rational and Liberal outlook

16) Having a two-wheeler is helpful [not mandatory]

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The general terms for the individuals applying for the program include the following:

· One Ambassador per 1000 students distributed across faculties / hostels / wings

· Web-based community forum for Ambassadors

· Preference to former Residential Interns


The individuals who get enrolled in the program are provided the following benefits:

I. Opportunity to contribute to critical social service

II. Leadership and team building training

III. Campus Ambassador ID and certificate

IV. Recognition at the hands of eminent personalities from the society

V. Reimbursement of actual costs incurred on work by prior consent

VI. Internship grade promotion

VII. Training in rationality

VIII. Outstanding ambassadors may be invited to SPRAT and felicitated [Travel Paid]