SPRAT is a mission, a movement, and an institution. None of this can work without able, dedicated people. Human Resources – volunteers, interns, professionals, members and activists – are the backbone of all its initiatives, nay, of its very existence. Donors lend it the strength to sustain and grow.

Welcome to a cause worthy of your time and resources!


For part time, whole time, occasional or regular volunteering. From your place or from SPRAT, or from its work centres. Manual operations, digital, linguistic, artistic; at desk, on the field, with the people… you choose.


To represent SPRAT in all major campuses, both for its social service outreach, and to liaise with its Interns and budding professionals, SPRAT is appointing bright youth to volunteer as its Ambassadors. Besides all needed support, appropriate credits will be offered. Apply.


To represent SPRAT in large corporate regional and head offices, for its social service outreach and to liaise with fellow professionals and CSR Division, SPRAT is appointing dedicated managers as its Ambassadors. All needed support and appropriate credits will be offered. Please contact.


SPRAT offers a variety of Internship opportunities: short term and medium. And also long-term Fellowships. Work from home – or from SPRAT. Living in SPRAT’s hostels at Ahmedabad / Matar, or at your own facility. Choose from a wide range of interests: from accounts and finance to research and writing, computing and digital marketing, graphics to videos…


SPRAT’s emancipated HR policy, together with reasonable pay-scales, growing on a monthly basis, and lifetime employment make careers at SPRAT attractive. Subsidized boarding-lodging-transport-recreation hike the real income. Its rich learning content and satisfaction of social service act as indirect rewards. Democratic governance, complete transparency, rational protocols and dignity enhance work satisfaction.


As SPRAT’s Member [the social equivalent of corporate Shareholders] you not only chip in with some monetary help but also make a public commitment of solidarity. You become standing partners to a cause: as a Virtual, Associate or Ordinary member; as an individual or as an institution. And you may choose to fund us by becoming a Patron Member.


Even inspired movements need material support for viability and growth. Indeed, sometimes a lack of this can kill worthy missions. We invite you to evaluate our vision, approach and work and then to make generous contribution using multiple options: making outright grants, pay-roll giving, funding specific projects, setting up endowments. In cash or kind. SPRAT enjoys IT exemption and FCRA registration.



Informed, agile and selfless community leaders exercise oversight, correct the course, enhance credibility and facilitate resource mobilization. Since SPRAT is a completely transparent and accountable entity, it seeks truly selfless, talented and dedicated persons of varied age and background, on its various bodies: local and national, operational and academic, visible and backroom, executive and advisory…

SPRAT - in brief

While we invite you to explore this website, in a nutshell, we work to promote scientific temper, harmony and empowerment of the disadvantaged through constitutional means.

A national award winning NGO, SPRAT was registered in 2002. Enjoying IT Sn 80-G and FCRA registrations, it has been patronized by leaders like Dr IG Patel, Mr IK Gujral, Mr LK Advani, Lord Bhikhu Parekh etc.

Led by distinguished Governors like Dr YK Alagh and run in transparent, professional and democratic manner, SPRAT could empower thousands of youth, women and children thanks to the support of entities like RGF, US State Dept, Govt of Gujarat, Ford Foundation, ONGC, BSNL, IOC, Tata Chemicals, Shree Cement and a large number of unsung good Samaritans.

SPRAT is largely apolitical, techno-savvy, unostentatious, thoroughly professional, law-abiding and clean. Financially it is sound and stable.


  • TALEEM basic literacy programme
  • JAREEDA publications and social network
  • MAJLIS science knowledge junction
  • AZMAT livelihood support
  • MUSKAAN park for adventure and learning
  • SAFAR social partnerships
  • KHOJ research and studies
  • JOYRIDEs for the elderly poor
  • CARAVAN multipurpose empowerment centres [now closed]


SPRAT is setting up a digitally powered, multipurpose campus christened the TARKIK SADAN – or House of Reason – on a 10,000+Sq Mtr land of its own at Matar, 30 KMs from Ahmedabad

Here it also seeks to set up an innovative PG Academy in Public Administration and Advocacy and launch several initiatives including:

  • Portals and websites, social networks,
  • e-Zines, SMS services and other communication networks.
  • Social posters, pamphlets, research reports, book translations
  • Videos, dubbing & subtitling, audio books and magazines
  • Science popularization workshops, nature watch, star-gazing and incubator
  • Computer support service


Support needed: Manpower, Money, Goods

Skills required: HR, Web Development, Writing, Research, MS Office, Rural Field Work, Hardware and Network, Accounting and Finance, Graphics and DTP (English, Gujarati, Hindi and Urdu), Architecture and Engineering, Science Popularization, Nature Appreciation and Astronomy, Filmmaking and Editing, Interviewing, Teaching Gujarati literacy, Social Activism


SPRAT possesses a premises to run its Head Office and two small hostels at Paldi, Ahmedabad. Besides, it already has two functional work and living facilities at Tarkik Sadan while the Tarkik Sadan complex rises.