Central Advisory Board 

The Board is appointed by the Board of Governors or the Board of Trustees in accordance with Article 24-A7 of the Charter of SPRAT.

While the members of this Board are men and women of great distinction, they neither carry any executive liability nor are responsible for the acts of the Society.

They can choose to exercise an oversight but are not obliged to do so. The members of CAB are not required to meet physically or electronically.

Typically, the members are nominated for terms of two years each which is usually renewed with their consent repeatedly.

SPRAT’s leaders consult individual members, mostly informally, on issues they are regarded to possess expertise in. The members tender advice on such subjects when sought, or on any other matter they may deem fit to advise, on their own. It is this nature of exclusion that helps SPRAT attract great talent to mentor and counsel it, without taking any personal liability or undertaking executive responsibility.

A person of impeccable integrity and commitment to humanism, carrying international fame, is requested by SPRAT’s Governors to assume the Chairmanship of the CAB

SPRAT has had the privilege of Padma Vibhushan Dr I G Patel, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India and former Director of London School of Economics, accepting the CAB’s Chairmanship and remaining as its Chairman until his demise.

Padma Bhushan Lord Bhikhu Parekh, the former VC of MS University, Centennial Professor of London School of Economics and an internationally acclaimed rationalist succeeded Dr Patel as the CAB Chair.

Dr I G Patel