TS-Doing-Science Lab

True education leads to increased information, more rational thinking and greater harmony. Conversely ignorance causes impoverishment, isolation and evasion of clarity. Poverty and illiteracy support each other, therefore, knowledge must contribute to empowerment.

“Educate a man, you educate an individual and educate a woman, you educate a family” goes the saying. So women’s empowerment is all the more important.

Education, however, is not just attaining diplomas and degrees, it is more about accumulating knowledge which results in wisdom and then be willing to share it with those who lack it. It is this philosophy that defines CARAVAN’s mission: Empowerment of the impoverished through information and exposure.

Inter-faith and social misconceptions are prevalent in Gujarat and its common people have suffered massive economic losses due disturbances in past. SPRAT recognized this region as a natural territory to start its work from. Dedicated to the promotion of rationality ,it rose to the call and set up a division: CARAVAN – a network of community empowerment centers – to empower the society through increased learning and earning opportunities.