SPRAT is committed to promoting rationality in all spheres of personal and public lives.

What better way to do so, than to expose Irrationality?

To challenge irrationality and to expose erroneous belief, gullibility, superstition and patent fraud SPRAT’s President has personally made an endowment. From this SPRAT offers a cash award of Rs 1,00,000/- for any act performed under controlled conditions and under SPRAT’s supervision that bely known laws of science.

The procedure is simple: Write to SPRAT offering to perform the miracle, or the supposedly supra-scientific act. SPRAT will lay down the conditions under which the act will be tested.

If you accept this challenge,  pay a deposit of Rs. 10,000/- so that SPRAT begins to make necessary arrangement. Perform the act at the venue and time stipulated by SPRAT and collect the award, plus the full refund of your security deposit – on the spot. Fail any conditions and you forfeit the security deposit!

By the way SPRAT will be glad to collaborate with other agencies and raise the award amount up to Rs. Ten million with proportionate security deposit!

So, Mr Anti-Science, come grab this offer and prove your Ir[Rationality]!