MUSLIM MAJLIS-E-MUSHAWARAT, Gujarat State Branch, which is a joint platform of all sects, institutions and brotherhoods of Muslims of Gujarat, resolved in a meeting to entrust to Mr Mohammed Hasan Jowher [President of SPRAT – Society for Promoting Rationality] and Dr Shakeel Ahmed [Amir, Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Gujarat] the responsibility to speak for the MUSHAWARAT, as its spokesperson, specially on political, economic and social issues of the Muslims of Gujarat. This responsibility is valid from Nov 1 2013 through Oct 1, 2014.

Both jointly or either of these may issue press notes or representations to print or electronic media on behalf of the MUSHAWARAT, on Muslim issues.

It was also resolved that people like Sareshwala cannot speak for the Muslim society, and so, their opinion should not be given any importance.