Welcome to the abode of Rationality! 

Welcome to the domain of Truth – pure and unadulterated – as best our intelligence leads us to appreciate.  

SPRAT – i.e. Society for Promoting Rationality – has its roots dug deep into reason, science, humanism and constitutionalism. This expands to the following work philosophy:

  • Reason, common sense, logic and rationality shape our approach 
  • Scientific, systematic and analytical is our method; this fosters the spirit of inquiry 
  • Humanism indicates our goal, described by fair play, compassion and love with special focus on the under-served sections of our society  
  • Rule of law – or constitutionalism – is our guiding light, anvil and bedrock

staunchly secular, and largely apolitical body, we strive to rid our world of superstition, dogma and blind faith, even as we seek to serve people of all religious and political persuasions without discrimination. 


In pursuit of this vision SPRAT is charged with the mission to engage people in myriad empowering activities in areas of education, livelihood and recreation.


“Think rationally, feel humanly, act conscientiously and the world will become a real progressive abode of peace.”

-Abhijit Naskar