Our Projects

On-going Programmes:

SPRAT’s major regular programs include (some are named in Urdu – a language appearing on India’s currency notes):

  1. A new residential academy for training brilliant graduates in public administration and advocacy, at farm land 39 KMs from Ahmedabad.
  2. Several new digital initiatives including portals and websites, social network forums, e-Zines, SMS services and other communication networks.
  3. Expanding other services such as social posters, banners, pamphlets, book translations, videography, film dubbing, subtitling etc.
  4. Starting new Outreach such as popular science workshops, nature watch, star-gazing, village adoption etc.
  5. Launching Interns Fellowship, Volunteer Corps, Campus Ambassadors.
Forthcoming Initiatives:

SPRAT is now additionally setting up a residential complex christened the TARKIK SADAN to house its futuristic IT and Content Divisions, and the CARAVAN ACADEMY for training brilliant, poor youth in administrative and journalistic careers outside Ahmedabad.

Intern / Volunteer with us

SPRAT is looking for young, talented, intelligent, self-respecting and motivated Interns / Volunteers for internships and volunteering opportunities in diverse areas. We offer a variety work options: on desk, in the field or on-line. To learn more, please, select the type of engagement below.


SPRAT does not pay any STIPEND. However all necessities are taken care of during the internship as provided below. Besides, a certificate, describing the Intern’s contribution is issued on the completion of an Internship. Architectural intern’s certificates are co-signed by a renowned accredited Architect.

These are the other benefits that our Interns enjoy:

  • As our intern you will acquire in-depth knowledge of work of a credible, professionally managed grass-root NGO.
  • Have an opportunity of inter-disciplinary learning in diverse management fields
  • If you choose to come to us in person, you will have an access to our weekly Knowledge meetings, video screenings, debates, discussions and workshops
  • Foreign interns will also gather the experience of Indian social and professional environment.
  • All interns will enjoy working with an unusually warm and helpful team.

In House/ Residential Internships:


  • Ideally PG and doctoral students, they should have completed Graduation.But exceptionally motivated and bright students having completed their 12th Grade and studying for Graduation may be considered.
  • Should possess strong compassion for the upliftment/empowerment of the disadvantaged people
  • Must bear a completely secular, rational and liberal outlook and world-view
  • Must know fluent verbal and written English or Hindi or Gujarati or Urdu
  • Should possess sportsmanship, cooperate and work with Team SPRAT
  • Should honour the ways and discipline of culture, civility, good guest-mannerism
  • Should be willing to learn all the time, from every one

Our Internships are regarded a unique attraction and an amazing learning opportunity, but only for those who are committed to creating, sharing or acquiring knowledge, and have the self-respect to contribute productively. In short it is a happy learning – but not holiday tourism – opportunity.


  • People who come to us come for learning. So they don’t work on a 10-6 regime. We learn while walking, while dining, while playing!
  • The normal work timing for non-resident interns is from 10 AM – 6:30 PM, Mondays through Saturdays
  • SPRAT endeavours to make your Sundays and other holidays invigorating with off-routine activities including occasional outings and picnics.
  • Foreigners are facilitated to watch local festivities, rituals etc.
  • Internship duration may range from 5-52 weeks
  • On an average, interns working on the desk, are encouraged to visit the field once a week

Living, Food, and Facilities

  • The Interns, who come from outside Ahmedabad, stay at the house of SPRAT’s President, located right below SPRAT’s head office. The modest middle class dwelling is properly equipped with Internet, TV, fridge, washing machine, microwave, running hot and cold water, newspapers and magazines etc. The house maid takes care of cooking and cleaning.
  • Interns enjoying SPRAT’s hospitality are expected to belong to SPRAT and schedule their private-time engagements in consultation with SPRAT and in consonance with its priorities, preferably with other inmates. They are not expected to have made prior commitments outside SPRAT. Broadly it works best if they assume to be 24-hr partners, since SPRAT is already conscious of their fun and private needs.
  • Boys have a room to share between themselves and girls share another. Together they share common amenities.
  • Healthy vegetarian / non-vegetarian middle class meals are served on the house
  • Special consideration is shown to girls and fullest decorum is maintained all the time. There is no question of the girls feeling insecure at any time, whether at office, house, academy site or on outings. However, exceptionally conservative girls are unlikely to enjoy this internship.
  • Foreign Interns are encouraged to pay visits to their colleagues, and occasionally spend weekends with the team, enjoying group activities, if they like.
  • Different work and accommodation arrangements are in place for Architectural and Engineering Interns, as the first ones are less likely to have to stay near the building site.
  • Due to the necessity to travel to and to be on the building site on Sundays and during the week, Civil Engineering interns may have to stay at Tarkik Sadan or Ahmedabad, and choose another off day instead of Sunday.
  • Architectural interns may stay at Ahmedabad but occasionally commute to the site.

Areas Of Work


Functional Areas:

  1. Accounting [Manual & Tally/Busy]
  2. Funding Proposals, Project Report writing
  3. Digital Fund-raising, Crowd Sourcing, 
  4. Accounting: Budgeting, Costing, MIS, DS


Functional Areas:

  1. Video Shooting, Editing, Hosting
  2. Graphic Designer / DTP
  3. 2D / 3D / White Board Animation 
  4. Designing Social Posters, Billboard, Hoardings
  5. PPt Presentations, Interviewing & Speaking
  6. Hand Drawing, Doodling, Sketching
  7. Writing Articles, Pamphlets, Reports, Booklets, 
  8. Documentation of Procedures and Events


Functional Areas:

  • Architectural [Plans, Working Drawings] including Mandatory 
  • Architecture and Management including Mandatory Internship
  • Civil Engineering, Landscaping and Site Supervision
    Inventory selection, purchase, accounting, managing
    Construction Costing, Budgeting, Estimation, Project planning
  • Construction and General Management [Voluntary / Mandatory]


Functional Areas:

  1. Architectural [Plans, Working Drawings] including Mandatory 
  2. Architecture and Management including Mandatory Internship
  3. Civil Engineering, Landscaping and Site Supervision
    Inventory selection, purchase, accounting, managing
  4. Construction Costing, Budgeting, Estimation, Project planning
  5. Construction and General Management [Voluntary / Mandatory]


Functional Areas:

  1. Seeking Funds / Fresh/Used Material from corporates / industry
  2. Resource Mobilization from Companies under CSR
  3. Promoting Basic Gujarati Literacy through hired teachers
  4. Sustainable Livelihood Expansion, Micro-income units
  5. Science and Management Workshops at Campuses, Corporates
  6. Nature Watch : Astronomy, Bird Watching – campaigns, events
  7. Public Relations / Liaison
  8. Actually Teaching Gujarati, Maths, Eng alphabet
    Teaching handicrafts, income generating skills for
  9. livelihood
  10. MUSKAAN Park: Organizing Competitions, Events
  11. Campus Ambassador: Representing SPRAT at Your Campus
  12. Corporate Ambassador: Representing SPRAT at Your Company


Functional Areas:

  1.  Technology Management / Upgradation: Data Storage, Security
  2. File Server, Cloud Administration
  3. PC Hardware – Networking
  4. MS Office Experts / Supporters


Functional Areas:

  1. Writing Articles, Pamphlets, Reports, Booklets, E-Zines, Books
  2. Documentation of Procedures and Events
  3. CSR Fund Raising
  4. Video Script Writing
  5. Knowledge Downloading, Cataloguing and Management
  6. Creative Writing in [English, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu]
  7. SEO / Social Media Promotions, SPRAT’s FB Groups
  8. Street Theatre: Planning, Directing, Acting, Managing..
  9. Science Popularization / Demo
  10. Designing Social Message Posters, Billboards
  11. Preparing Science Popularization Posters / Exhibitions


Functional Areas:

  1. Secondary Research and Data Analysis
  2. Primary Research: Survey Design, Data Collection, Analysis


Functional Areas:

  1. Administration and HR
  2. RTI, Advocacy and Appeals
  3. Legal: Drafting, Arguing, Statutory Compliance
  4. HR – Recruitment / Sourcing
  5. MS Office Experts / Supporters
  6. Front Office Desk / Receptionist
  7. Data Entry / Manual Entry
  8. Car Driving, Field supervision 
  9. Welding, Wiring, Fitting etc
  10. Gardening, Aquarist, Florist 


Functional Areas:

  1. Audio Recording [Eng, Hindi, Guj, Urdu] of books, articles
  2. Conceiving and Managing Social Service Events / Campaigns
  3. Design Toys/Models/Exhibits to popularize Science/Rationality
  4. Campus Ambassador: Representing SPRAT at Your Campus
  5. Corporate Ambassador: Representing SPRAT at Your Company
  6. Fresh Graduates for Any Area
  7. Any other work that you can suggest to empwer SPRAT


  • Please apply using our on-line application form that will open up when you click Acceptance below
  • You should receive a reply within four days. If you don’t please write to president{at}sprat{dot}in.
  • Also please check your spam box for our replies. Mark sprat.in as a safe domain.
  • For clarifications and inquiries please visit www.sprat.in or contact us via careers@sprat.in or through phone 91-79-26623655/66/77 / 94276 09826
  • We need you as much as you need us. So, please do not let mishaps stop you. Wish you well.


I have read and understood the conditions of employment in SPRAT and undertake to abide by them. Accordingly, I wish to apply.