Sadan Support Council [TSC]

This is a body of local advisors to help promote and administer the Sadan Campus at Matar

Comprising of some members of the Board of Governors / Trustees and leaders from the vicinity of the Sadan, the Council is expected to carry out oversight and to support the Sadan.

This support may include:

  • Procurement of material
  • Making and improvement of infrastructure and utilities
  • Liaison with authorities
  • Liaison with the people of the vicinity
  • Promotion of rural support services such as TALEEM, and
  • Generally the facilitation for smooth functioning.

These Leaders include people well connected with the area, known for their commitment to secularism and our syncretic culture and carrying firm compassion for the unempowered people of all sections of the society.

A close model for the Council is the LAB [Local Advisory Boards] that performed a similar function in respect of CARAVAN Empowerment Centres for years.