Imagine stepping in front of an angry, armed mob? Attempting to halt their vandalization of a space you have always held sacred. This was the brave act of Deepak Kosti, a tailor killed in the riots of 2002, like so many cases in which gruesome injustice was rendered to innocent citizens. Thousands suffered grievous loss of life and property, and were meagerly compensated by the government.

SPRAT in association with many fellow organizations and social activists, organized The Sah-Nirman Rally for National Integration, dedicated to Deepak Kosti , on Friday 9th August 2002, 8:30 AM at Bapunagar Stadium Char Rasta. All victims and those that sided with them were invited to join this crusade.

This procession of victims, supporters, camel carts, ruined shops and possessions, traversed through Gayatri Nagar near Narol Highway, Soni Ki Chawl, Qalandar Masjid, Hardasnagar Chowk, Urban Nagar, and Akbar Nagar and culminated in a rally at Bapunagar Stadium ,Char Rasta

The highly disciplined, peaceful rally of 4-hours told the story of the riots in banners, placards , human stories, and glimpses of destruction.


A rally to highlight injustice done to riot victims and to promote communal harmony

Friday 9th August 2002 8:30 AM – Bapunagar Stadium Char Rasta

In the recent communal riots gruesome injustice has been done to innocent Indian citizens. Thousands have suffered grievous losses of life and property. The compensation paid by the government is grossly inadequate. In many cases even the complaint has not been accepted.

The fascist forces tried to divide people along communal lines. However, this rally with mass participation of Hindus and Muslims alike – with due police permission – is proof that the communalists have failed.

If democracy works by lobbying then let’s do that. And let’s show to the whole nation, through our agile media, how we are united in the cause of justice that is our national right. An effective rally is certain to influence the compensation scheme as well.

This highly disciplined, silent rally of 4-hours, will tell the story through imaginatively created banners, placards and glimpses of destruction. Database of victims will also be prepared for seeking relief. Please do bring along evidence of crime and injustice suffered by you, specially if you became an orphan or a widow, if you have lost your relative, your limbs, house, commercial establishment, tenancy or job due to riots.

Inviting all victims, young and old, men and women – and all those that side with them – to join in this just cause. Additionally, if you also wish to highlight the damage you suffered, or the heroism you or someone you know showed, please call us today to register. If you don’t awake, arise and help yourself, why should any one else?

This rally dedicated to national integration is organized by SPRAT in association with the secular fraternity. Yes, the same SPRAT that earlier arranged the Tripartite Convention, coaching centres, riot relief etc.


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5 August, 2002