AAINA means Mirror. Through this printed medium we wish to hold a mirror to ourselves: to shock and provoke us into serious reflection, to invite an alternative thought, inspire introspection and action. To invite public attention to glaring injustices and unfairness in our social set up. To highlight the plight of the weak and the vulnerable whose voices seldom catch our attention. And thereby to promote a conducive environment for a fairer and more equitable and just society

Why posters?

Why printed material in this digital age when everybody seems to possess a smartphone? Well not exactly. The latest data suggests that about 800 million Indians own a mobile phone. About 40% of these – or a little over 350 million – use smartphones. Which means that of the 1.2 billion people roughly 30%, or every third Indian uses smartphone. While a sizable number in itself, that, however, means that about 70% Indians still need a print or verbal medium of communication.

Hence the AAINA print medium


AAINA is produced in a wide range of shapes and formats. Here are some examples:


A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. So be it. AAINA display typically has a large picture / illustration / graphic and a few carefully crafted, touching words. Together they will deliver a definite message. It is the message that drives AAINA.

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From the standpoint of nature and profile of the users, we may design AAINA messages for the following distinct categories of readers:


SPRAT has enviable credentials: Registrations: * As public charitable trust and society * IT Sn 80-G and FCRA. Affiliation/Funding: * Credibility Alliance * US Govt * Gujarat Govt * ONGC BSNL * IOC * RGF * Ford Foundation * Give Foundation. Governance/ Patronage: * 2 former PMs * Distinguished...
SPRAT's JoyRides – free tours of Gandhi Ashram, a major mall with escalator and elevator, and happening parts of Ahmedabad, with complimentary snacks, for senior citizens who never sat in a car before, in air-conditioned cars. This may be modified for primary school children of city slums.
Basic Literacy Programme for the completely unlettered, in Gujarati reading and writing, basic mathematics and English alphabet in SPRAT’s 90 minute/day, 4-month long programme. TALEEM has taught over 13,500 out-of-school women and children. Meet some students and teachers.
A multipurpose park to promote adventure, health, harmony, everyday science and culture, built largely using recycled material, at the junction of two communally sensitive localities of Ahmedabad
Self-help Groups for women to generate cooperative, sustainable, modest livelihood by rendering easily learnable services from their own vicinity.SPRAT offers backward linkages – like basic literacy – and forward linkages including, where possible, interest-free credit for productive assets, managerial, administrative and marketing support.
Organizing life-changing workshops in campuses and corporates on how cosmos works, conducting study visits - such as star-gazing – holding educational exhibitions for schools, running mobile science van for eradicating superstition and educating the poor… MAJLIS is SPRAT’s division for non-formal and continuing education at your door!


AAINA prints are supplied on Flex, Vinyl – with or without sticking back – Card papers and Art papers. Customization on other material is possible


While the basic design is usually developed in English or Hindi the material is then translated in several Indian languages as the demand arises. Swift translation and customization are possible


Customization for specific corporates, brands, campuses, missions and movements should be easily possible


Often when the target audience is determined themes dear to their heart and relevant to their station in life are listed and social research is conducted to shortlist the most pressing issues critical to their needs. Within specific categories, for example, there can be different themes. Corporate posters meant for Executives, for instance, could contain different themes from those meant for junior staff, and vastly different from those meant for factory workers.

What is common to political leaders like Mr I K Gujral, Mr L K Advani, Mr Chandrasekhar, Governor of Gujarat and the city’s Mayor?

Or amongst Shree Cement, Tata Chemicals, ONGC, IOC, BSNL, Microsoft, Google, AutoDesk?
Or in Govt of Gujarat and Govt of US? Or between Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and Ford Foundation?

Or amongst the scores of not-too-rich good Samaritans?

Thanks to these visionary leaders, spirited citizens and conscientious enterprises who patronized SPRAT, gave cash grants or gifted valuable products, we could deliver far, far more than our own means.

Come, meet our donors and patrons. And be inspired to Contribute!