Gujarat riot in 2002 were a nightmare that has irrecoverably altered many lives. As time passes, unfortunately, we are getting tired and benumbed, forgetting that many a victims remain yet to be rehabilitated, many guilty yet roam about our streets free. Innocents held under POTA in Gujarat continue to be punished before trial. Most Hindus and Muslims still carry utter mutual distrust and suspicion. And while the state government remains indifferent to the plight of the victims despite Supreme Court strictures, the central government has shown no interest in compensating the victims. All in all, there is little to suggest that history will not repeat itself.

On the other hand the Indian Muslim continues to be caught in the vice of Hindutva extremism on the one hand and his own obscurantism on the other. While the leaders are still debating “triple talaq” the Muslim women continue to suffer. Despite encouraging trends shown by the recent census, illiteracy, poverty, impoverishment continue to haunt the Indian Muslim. Social reform from within has become the most important need of the Muslims.

To sensitize the civil society to the ground realities and to alert the government to what the state needs to do – and no less to introspect and improve myself – I am sitting on a Satyagraha. Here are the detailed objectives.


Part 1: Shukriya [Thanks] to The Conscience of India and to the numerous brave souls and institutions that fiercely upheld justice and showed exemplary compassion. Some examples [by no means the only ones]

i. National institutions like The Supreme Court of India, the NHRC, Election Commission etc.

ii. Civil / Human Rights organizations like PUCL, PUDR etc.

iii. Many individual heroes fighting for justice, like Teesta Setalvad, Mallika Sarabhai, Mukul Sinha, Harsh Mandar, Shrikumar Poddar, Harish Salve etc.

iv. Numerous NGOs and civil rights groups like Citizen’s Initiative, Aman Ekta Munch, Insaniyat, Action Aid, Jan Andolan etc.

v. Christian Missionaries like Fr Prakash and Hindu Saints like Shri Morari Bapu etc.

vi. Writers like Mukul Dubey, Amit Sengupta, Praful Bidwai, Ram Puniyani, Batuk Vora, Sidharth Vardharajan etc.

vii. Artistes and celebrities like Mahesh Bhatt, Nandita Das etc.

viii. And to the unsung, unknown heroes who risked their lives to save others’ – in farms and fields, on streets and at work – and who gave of their little to sustain those at brink.

Part 2: Self introspection, purification by the Satyagrahi himself

i. Overcoming deficiencies including anger, greed, competition.

ii. Learning modest living

iii. Experiencing suffering and showing solidarity with the sufferer.

 Part 3: Social Reform of the Muslims:

i. Specially designed Undertakings / Declaration containing over 40 different clauses covering specific issues for reform within.

ii. Promising to work for improving education, sanitation, rule of law.

iii. Taking benefits from NGOs, Institutions and governments.

iv. Committing to communal harmony, patriotism, respect all faiths.

v. Eliminating beggary, crime, lethargy, complacence, gunda raj,

vi. Working to make Shah Alam a model township.

vii. Each undertaking to be signed or thumb impressed by a Muslim resident of larger Shah Alam including Chandola, Bhairavnath Road, Danilimda, Kankaria, Narol highway with address proof or a witness.

Part 4: Solidarity by Hindus / VR1

i. 10,000 undertakings / Ikrarnamas to be received from Hindus of Ahmedabad.

ii. Declaring that Muslims are our brothers.

iii. Promising to work for human rights, justice, equality and fair play for all

iv. Demanding punishment for the guilty and compensation for the victims of Gujarat riots 2002, including action against government and Narendra Modi.

v. Committing to communal harmony, genuine pluralistic patriotism, respect and rights for all faiths.

vi. Each undertaking to be signed or thumb impressed by a Hindu resident of Ahmedabad with address proof or a witness.

Part 5: Request to Government

i. Request to Government of Gujarat

1. POTA:

Release all 2002 riot detainees immediately even while trying them under normal law OR book ALL riot accused under the same Act or under PUAA*

2. Compensation:

a. Through public advertisement see k data and publish a list of all victims – loss of life, limbs, property, employment, livelihood, tenancy, asset value etc – with their declaration of damage suffered by them and seek additions, corrections etc, as in the case of voter’s list, with or without government verification.

b. Publish a white paper on all victims ousted from their homes, work places and employment and not resettled / reinstated back there.

c. Set up a statutory Compensation Commission to invite, scrutinize and award adequate compensation at contemporary standards for all loss of life, limb, property, livelihood, asset value and opportunities lost so as to restore status quo. The financial burden may be shared equally by the Central and the State Govt

3. Prosecution:

a. Set up a high-powered independent board / agency with representatives from the higher judiciary, NHRC, the CBI, and an international Human Rights organization to both investigate and prosecute all the 2002 riot cases publicly.

i. Where the case was not registered in 2002 for any reason, register such cases and now prosecute the guilty

ii. Over 2000 cases summarily closed and ordered by the Supreme Court to be reviewed may also be looked after by this agency with SC approval

4. Set up a Truth and Reconciliation / Forgiveness Commission:

To record confessions in all minor offences and grant pardon.

5. Reconstruct all religious structures desecrated / destroyed where and in the form they originally existed.

Request to Government of India

6. Direct the Government of Gujarat under Article 355 of the Constitution to do the aforesaid and upon failure to do so, to take action under Article 356.

a. Dismiss Gujarat Government headed by NM and install another formed by BJP.

b. Secularism is a basic feature of the constitution. Failure to protect it is constitutional break-down. Repeat what was done to UP Govt.

7. Set up an Anti-Discrimination / Equal Opportunities Commission to investigate all cases of religious discrimination and to prosecute the offenders itself.

8. Pass an Anti-communalism Act

a. Set up a Communal Harmony Commission to proactively work to promote inter-faith harmony at all times

b. Ban all religious fundamentalist parties or groups promoting religious or casteist hatred and / or violence

c. Disqualify all legislators [MLAs / MPs] promoting communal disharmony. Apply retrospectively since 2000

d. As in MP, tax the entire locality for communal violence

Objectives: To Highlight, demand and request the following:

a. To thank the champions of Justice who showed the courage to fight for truth and justice at turbulent times.

b. To undergo self-purification, introspection and improvement.

c. For awakening the local Muslims to the need for social reform, women’s empowerment, patriotism, professionalism etc.

d. To raise Hindu solidarity for the minorities and to enhance sentiments of national integration and communal harmony.

e. To seek release of POTA detainees, to demand justice and compensation for the affected people, and prosecution of the guilty.

f. And generally to enhance brotherhood, sense of duty and social goodwill


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I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.