In this era when about everything is starting to get digital, there are still thousands of people who are not familiar with computers, let alone how they work and what wonders they can perform. There are several who cannot even afford learning to use a computer for the lack of money there is.

SPRAT’s Mini Safar adheres to such individuals who are willing, but financially unable to master the skill of using a computer.

To achieve this vision, SPRAT lends recycled P-IV’s [or recycled and upgraded P-IIIs with new keyboard and mouse] on 3-yr rent-free leases – with possible job-work linkages – to qualified poor youth on condition that they teach the prescribed 1-month course to two in their neighbourhood, for 90-minutes a day. For the rest of the time they use it to generate livelihood through DTP/DE/Accounts work etc.

After 36 months of the honoured agreement (i.e. training 72 ‘students’), the lease devolves to an unconditional gift.

For poor, but, individuals proficient with computers, Safar provides them an opportunity to generate a sustainable income using a computer.