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A Movement for Joy: Harmony through Recreation

Facilities from recyled materials
Facilities from recyled materials
MUSKAAN SPRAT’s  “smile” division – vows to engage the urban impoverished youth in creative recreation at its recycled-material adventure parks. Despite India's rising position in the world economy, giant segments of our population see no benefit: thousands of children play each day in barren areas of dust and dirt, barred from safe and fun playgrounds.

To bring together children and parents from all spheres of life, parks are located on the boarders between Hindu and Muslim communities.

These parks cater to all age groups: slides and swings for small kids, rock climbing wall, rope climbing net for teenagers

MUSKAAN's green
MUSKAAN's green
and many other innovative toys. Filtered water, trees, and a shaded central area ensure safety from the heat of Ahmedabad, especially for the elderly.  

Believing in the power of rationality, we continue to promote science at MUSKAAN parks through science posters and demonstrative science “toys.” We also sponsor various secular workshops, events , and VIP visitors .



“To be clear-headed rather than confused; lucid rather than obscure; rational rather than otherwise; and to be neither more, nor less, sure of things than is justifiable by argument or evidence. That is worth trying for.” -Geoffrey Warnock


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India NGO Award


SPRAT adjudged the best Small NGO of Western India, and one of the 13 best, all India, by the Resource Alliance - Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation for 2007.

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