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It is the mark of an educated mind, to entertain a thought without accepting it.

— Aristotle, Greek Philosopher and Scientist

Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.

— Mark Twain, American Writer

The best brains of the Nation may be found on the last benches of the Classroom

—  A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, Former Indian President

The first rule is not to lose. The second rule is not to forget the first rule.

— Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

— Nelson Mandela, Former South African President

That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.

— George Orwell, English Novelist

If you’re afraid – don’t do it, – if you’re doing it – don’t be afraid.

— Genghis Khan, Founder of the Mongol Empire

I am heartened to find so much wit in you, that you’d give thought to consequences and choose your way with reason, not passion only.

— Deborah J. Lightfoot, The Wysard

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift And the rational mind is a faithful servant.

— Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

He who opens a school door, closes a prison.

— Victor Hugo, French Poet
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