ICICI BANK partners with SPRAT

To collect usable Books, CDs, DVDs

There is obviously much happiness in receiving; specially in receiving what we need. We have all experienced this kind of joy. But, as we grow up, we begin to return. And to Give. Then we begin to experience a new kind of happiness: the Joy of Giving.

SPRAT – a public charitable trust and a national award winning NGO run by distinguished Governors with the counsel of eminent Advisors ?– has launched several initiatives celebrating the spirit of giving.

SPRAT’s CARAVAN network of eight empowerment centres across six cities promotes various types of formal and non-formal learning and basic livelihood. Its TALEEM basic literacy programme has taught more than 7,000 unlettered women and children across several of Gujarat’s slums. Its MUSKAAN Park unites Hindus and Muslims in shared recreation even as its innovative games enhance their appreciation of everyday science. Together we serve over two thousand persons daily. As we write, the elderly of the nearby slums, who have never touched a PC are having a go at these enigmatic machines at our computer labs.

We invite you to partner with us in the following initiatives during the Week of Giving - and even thereafter, regularly:

1.???? BOOKS / CDs / DVDs

To empower the free public libraries and their educational video theatre, we seek usable old functional knowledge books and CDs/DVDs. Givers may deposit their gift at all branches of ICICI Bank in Gujarat, or at any of our CARAVAN Centres. We can also arrange to collect these in bulk.

2.???? USED PCs

For smaller, truly dedicated NGOs, we set up mini-computer labs with one reference set of computer and English courseware, under mandate to offer these purely as a social service. For this we regularly require a large? number of usable old PCs – P-III and above.

3.???? JOY? RIDES:

How often we wondered, as kids, how the airplane feels from inside! Sadly, for a lot of city’s poor, the Car remains this far. Under the JOY RIDE initiative we are arranging to regularly give free rides to the poor elderly, living in slums, batch after batch. Typically we will conduct various ‘competitions’ - specially for the elderly uncles and aunts - and all ‘achievers’ will get a free ride around the landmarks of the city. So they can know what it ‘feels’ like in a car. For this we are appealing to car owners – managers with company cars, private owners, all – to lend their car, duly fuelled, and the driver for a day each.

Come, experience the JOY of GIVING. We can assist you in GIVING, effectively.

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India NGO Award


SPRAT adjudged the best Small NGO of Western India, and one of the 13 best, all India, by the Resource Alliance - Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation for 2007.

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