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Memorandum of Association

1. The Society for the Promotion of Rational Thinking was founded on 27th January, 1998 by Mr M H Jowher – hereinafter called the Chief Promoter – at Ahmedabad and it was functioning as an unregistered body under the supervision of a board of trustees, from the office of Manfin Infotech Ltd. [formerly known as Jowher Managerial & Financial Services Pvt Ltd.]. It is now desired to formally register this Society. Accordingly this charter is hereby adopted by the signatories hereto.

2. NAME: The Society shall be known as the Society for the Promotion of Rational Thinking [“ SPRAT" for short] and is hereinafter referred to as the "Society". For the sake of ease of pronunciation and popularity, it may also be known, in common parlance, by its roughly translated version/s or acronym thereof.

3. REGISTERED OFFICE: The registered office of the Society shall be located for the time being at A-1, Moonbaker Duplex, Kashmera Society, Vishwakunj, Paldi, AHMEDABAD 380 007

4. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE: The administrative office of the Society shall be located for the time being at Rajnagar Complex, Narayan Nagar Road, Paldi, AHMEDABAD 380 007

5. MISSION: To promote, encourage and develop rational thinking, spirit of inquiry and scientific temper in all spheres of life for integrated human development and human personality




"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” - Mahatma Gandhi


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India NGO Award


SPRAT adjudged the best Small NGO of Western India, and one of the 13 best, all India, by the Resource Alliance - Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation for 2007.

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