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Unconventional in many respects, SPRAT defines its own value system, blending the culture of the Orient with the professionalism of the West. For instance, truthfulness is appreciated more than efficiency. On the other hand, we trust methods better than memory, and learning ability is valued no less than knowledge.

Weekly review meetings, discussion sessions, workshops, seminars, quarterly picnics, and occasional family get-togethers provide abundant opportunities for people to learn, work, and improve while remaining happy. A near 3600 Monthly Personnel Assessment records and monitors individual growth on a wide range of objective criteria. Thus the culture is transparent and ethical. Human dignity is recognized and optimum opportunity is provided for harnessing individual talent.

We place foremost stress on our manpower, on the quality and the capabilities of our personnel whom we call associates. Some of them are going to be the architects of SPRAT's future. While laying absolute emphasis on performance, SPRAT strongly believes that satisfaction and happiness of an individual directly contribute to his/her efficiency. Individual liberty, dignity and sensitivity are not only recognized but are honoured. At SPRAT participatory management is the culture. Rationality and transparency mark the approach towards all decision making. We try to ensure that everybody gets ample opportunity to grow and succeed. Read on to see where you fit in.


Attractive salaries and performance-related incentives await the right candidate. Rapid promotion as Coordinator, Sr. Coordinator, and Vice President [Division Head] are distinct possibilities. Brilliant performers may expect rapid jumps. However, being a social service organization, mercenary attitude doesn't gel with us, particularly at senior levels. While our starting compensation package for junior positions matches industry standards, for senior categories we may offer monthly growth plans.

In a given stream a candidate may be taken as an Asst. / Jr. Coordinator / Coordinator, Sr. Coordinator / AVP / VP depending upon level of education and experience. And once absorbed in service, it is their work that determines the advancement of their position.

We like to offer telescopically growing salaries, usually with monthly increments, especially at senior cadres. The salary grows as the candidate begins to make greater impact.

At SPRAT we have a way of regularly and properly assessing the contribution of each of our associates. Everybody assesses everybody else. Achievers are given ad-hoc packets, increments or jumps. Even monthly compensation is mildly affected by the monthly ratings. The whole exercise is transparently and democratically administered.

Moral: If we can afford you, your growth and overall compensation depend upon your productivity, not on your education, past salary, experience, designation.


Hierarchies indicate career growth path. But we encourage flat organization culture with considerable cross-linkages and inter-dependencies and accountability. A typical hierarchy chart is given at the end. [link]


Much of SPRAT's work is transacted in English while its public relations are also handled in Gujarati, Urdu and Hindi. Hence, proficiency in both speaking and writing at least two of these languages is considered necessary for senior positions. Similarly, effective command of computers - to the extent of job requirement - is absolutely necessary for all except the field staff. Additionally, we put great emphasis on methodicity, systems and procedures.

All in all, SPRAT is the place for curious, sincere and bright professionals. In other words SPRAT is looking for leaders, not spoon-fed followers. Welcome to SPRAT, if you have the guts! Please don't proceed further if you lack confidence in yourself.

  Typical Hierarchy at SPRAT











Director / WTD




Vice President

Ph D/ PG + 5



Chief Manager

PG + 5


Division Manager

Sr Executive / Chief Project Coordinator / Chief Manager [ CARAVAN]

PG + 2


Project Coordinator

Executive / Sr Officer / Sr Programmer / Ex Secy / CARAVAN Centre Manager

PG+ 1/ GR+5


Jr Project Coordinator

Officer / Programmer / Accountant / Secretary to Pr / Sr Steno / Dy Centre Manager

PG / Gr+3


Asst Coordinator

Asst Officer / Jr Programmer / Jr Accountant / Jr Stenographer / Field Supervisor / Asst CARAVAN Centre Manager

Gr + 1/ Gr + Dip


Office Assistant

Clerk / Receptionist / Typist / DEO / Godown Keeper / Cashier / Info Asst at CARAVAN Centres



Office Boy

Peon / Driver / Centre Office Boy


Extra Credits will be given to

Students from Premium colleges and employees with extensive experience




"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always.” - Mahatma Gandhi


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India NGO Award


SPRAT adjudged the best Small NGO of Western India, and one of the 13 best, all India, by the Resource Alliance - Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation for 2007.

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"Leader: Someone who closely followed the line of earlier leader and learnt there from."